The Gathering is a men's weekend festival like no other!


13:00 Site open to delegates  
19:00-21:00 Main Session 1 Main Marquee
21:30-22:30 Tony Vino Main Marquee
22:40 Tough Talk Mess Tent
22:40 Late night worship, Mark Tate Prayer Shed
23:30 Last orders  


07:15 5KM Run Meet at food vans
08:15-09:00 Bible Study Main Marquee
10:00-12:15 Main Session 2 Main Marquee
13:00 Free Time Various
13:00-13:45 Area Coordinators reception Prayer Shed


Main Marquee
17:15 Quiz Mess Tent
19:00-21:15 Main Session 3 Main Marquee
21:40-22:40 Band 'A Hard Days Night' Main Marquee
22:45-23:30 Interactive Game Show Mess Tent
22:45 Late night worship, Mark Tate Prayer Shed
22:45 Fire pit, Dave Hearn Outside
24:00 Last orders  


08:15-09:00 Bible Study Main Marquee
10:00-11:30 Big Sunday Main Marquee
11:50-13:15 Communion Main Marquee

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