Everything you need to know

There are two main marquees at The Gathering. One is the venue where the main sessions take place, with the second being The Mess Tent. This is the space where the delegates hang out, it is where guys get their free tea and coffee, the location of the bar, the main CVM stand, various indoor sports activities and the after-hours programme of events. It is also the place where we host our exhibitors. In short it is a dynamic space for men to hang out, eat, drink, chat, listen to music and engage with our exhibitors.

Having a presence in the Mess Tent is a fantastic opportunity to inspire guys and connect them with the wider range of Christian resources and events available. Our vision for this space is a fun and interesting melting pot of information, sign-ups, projects, resources, charities and more to inspire and equip the men at TG.

What is Exhibiting at The Gathering like?

We have found that after 10+ years of running TG, our exhibitors get the most from the experience when their area offers engagement, fun, and an activity or some creativity in how it communicates to the men in the Mess Tent.  So as part of your stand we ask that you organise an engaging activity that will attract guys over and give you an opportunity to connect with them.

There are various sizes of stand available both inside and outside the Mess Tent. Costs and sizes are outlined below. We have also given you some examples of activities that you could consider or use to stimulate your own ideas!

General guidelines and do’s and don’ts.

The Gathering is an interesting space because it fuses together a load of men who know and follow Jesus, and a load of men who don't, at all. So, because of that, we enforce a few basic rules to keep in mind when exhibiting:

  • We do not permit financial sign-ups and pledges to be taken or asked for at TG from our exhibitor's spaces.
  • Please don't offer prayer over men visiting the stand. Prayer is really important but if every stand is offering prayer, it creates a really weird space for men to wander around in with a pint and a kitkat who have never been prayed for before
  • Please no leafleting away from your stand, again it’s simple stuff but let the men come to you, that why we say have a fun and engaging stand with something for them to do or eat.

Please note, in some cases the style and set up at The Gathering doesn’t match every charity or organisation that looks to exhibit, but we can chat about that if that’s the case.

What is included in the price? 

Each pitch includes two exhibitor staff tickets for The Gathering. We fully recommend two team members to ensure that the stand can be manned at all key times (Friday 18:00-19:00, 21:00-23:00, Saturday 09:00-10:00, 12:30–16:00, 18:00-19:00, 21:00-23:00 and Sunday 09:00-10:00) during the weekend. Exhibitors have access to the same campsite, facilities and activities as delegates.

If you wish to bring additional team members these are charged at the event delegate price of £145.

Just like the delegates you will also have free access all weekend to water, tea and coffee.

If you wish to add catering to your booking, please see more details below.

Your Stand  

Each pitch in the Mess Tent comes with a trestle table and chairs if required. Power can be provided if requested at time of booking (1 single power socket for low energy usage), please note however that all equipment used on-site will require a PAT certificate. 

Small: 1m deep x 1.8m wide = £310

Standard: 2m deep x 3m wide = £360

We ask that all stands and displays are below 2.3m in height, displays over this height should be discussed with us prior to arriving at site and may require additional health and safety processes.

While each pitch comes equipped with a trestle table and chairs, we recommend you avoid sticking at a basic minimal set up; instead, think about incorporating eye-catching banners, signage etc The more visually appealing your stand, the more likely it is to attract attention.

You may wish to bring additional lighting for your stand as some areas of the tent are less well lit than others.

How to get noticed at The Gathering? 

The engagement aspect of your area doesn’t need to be expensive and difficult to run, we have found some of the simplest ideas work the best, just something to attract the guys and draw them in. 

Challenges are popular:

  • Strength/grip/balance style challenge – timed with a prize for the strongest
  • Mind games, memory games, skill puzzles or challenges
  • Reaction speed challenges
  • Teamwork challenges, e.g. building a wall, the highest tower etc
  • Food challenges - chilli eating, blindfold food tasting etc

All of these things, with a prize and a competitive element will work well and encourage guys to engage and interact with you.

Need more space? / Not big enough?

If you wanted to go even bigger, we have the space outside. If you are interested in a pitch outside, please contact the office to discuss size and costs. 

  • Wheelbarrow race (relay race with wheelbarrows) 
  • Strange bike to ride – unicycle, penny farthing etc 
  • A team challenge.   
  • Viking dress up or any selection of costumes for selfies etc 
  • A driving simulator
  • Gaming console with a simple skills-based game/VR etc
  • Face painting
  • A dartboard and a challenge or high score for the weekend

Sponsorship Opportunities  

Corporate sponsorship is available and ideal for organisations/businesses/charities/major donors. This could include sponsoring part of our event infrastructure alongside an advert in the programme (see below). If you wish to discuss high level corporate sponsorship please email the team at admin@cvm.org.uk.

Advertising Opportunities  

Every exhibitor will have their organisation listed in the programme, a copy of this will be given to every attendee at the weekend.  

We can also offer you a larger advert in the programme which is a great signpost for you and your organisation’s message, especially as most will take it home, so your ‘exhibit’ doesn’t have to end when the weekend does.  

We are changing our programme format for TG24, and advertising sizes have increased with only a marginal increase in costs:

  • A6 Landscape (148 x 105 mm) £90
  • A5 Portrait (148 x 210 mm) £135

Team Catering  

At an additional cost you can pre-pay and book catering for your team via food van tokens. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in.  


Please follow the link below to register interest and start your stand booking. We will then get back to you with your booking approval and invoice, or to discuss your application further if needed.