What do you want to share with the men at #tg21?

This year we have the opportunity to go online again with The Gathering and reach out to as many men as we can. Although it is disappointing not to be in the field this year, we are planning to make 2022 a truly epic TG back in a field near Swindon.

However, even with The Gathering online and going out for free, we still need to cover a lot of the usual facilities, and our hope is that you guys can get behind us again as we strive to get the gospel into homes and in front of as many men as we can.

Sponsoring the Gathering is a great way to help CVM. You can sponsor a specific item on our list or support via giving a non-specific sponsorship. (These will all go towards us running The Gathering this year and they get a special mention during the live broadcast – so watch out for that!)

You can sponsor as an individual, family, men’s group or church.

Toilet: £100

Fuel: £100

Heating: £75

Chairs and Tables: £50

Catering: £60

Lighting: £30

Fire Extinguishers: £25

Set Build: £1000

Cameras: £500

Studio Lighting: £500

Studio Microphones: £350

Misc Studio Equipment: £250

Carpet: £1000

Curtains: £5000

Safe Astestos Removal: £10000

Generic Non Specific Sponsorship: Any amount over £10


For more information please contact admin@cvm.org.uk.

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